Baltic Amber Coast


Urząd Miasta Ustka
ul. Ks. Kard. Stefana Wyszyńskiego 3
76-270 Ustka
tel. +48-59-815-43-00
e-mail : promocja@um.ustka.p


Ustka has enjoyed the official status of a health resort since 1988. The main therapeutic factor is the local climate. The forests, occupying 50% of the area, have a softening effect on the sea air, which is usually quite harsh. The winds blowing along the coastline create a unique sea-pine spray that fills the air with pine essence and contains substantial amounts of iodine as well as calcium and magnesium salts.

Ustka holds its own resources of mineral water and peat, used in spa treatment. The town offers treatment facilities for a wide range of ailments, in particular affecting respiratory tract and circulatory system, endocrine or metabolic disorders, rheumatic and bone diseases, hyperthyroidism, heart diseases and allergies.

In Ustka there are natural therapy centres, health retreats and sanatoriums. Moreover, the town offers a wide variety of accommodation in its numerous hotels, guesthouses and villas. Ustka was a holiday destination as early as at the beginning of 19th century and with time its sea baths gained fame and popularity as their therapeutic effect was widely acclaimed. The then built guesthouses offered visitors health therapy which involved bathing in heated sea water.

Diligent scientific research that was later conducted proved what the first bathers sensed intuitively – therapeutic value of the local climate. Today Ustka is a modern resort offering not only treatment but also a full range of entertainment, possibility of practicing various sports, spending holidays in an active way or simply sunbathing. The well-developed infrastructure and wide range of accommodation facilities will guarantee leisure satisfaction.