Baltic Amber Coast


Urząd Gminy Stegna
ul. Gdańska 34
82-103 Stegna
tel. +48-55-247-81-71


There is no other gmina like that on the Polish coast. Stegna, like no other place, brings immediate associations with amber, and thus with history, culture, arts and unpolluted environment. The Amber Gmina of Stegna is a unique region to the east of the Vistula outlet. It comprises two different sceneries – of the Vistula Lagoon and of Zulawy Wislane.

The costal part of the Gmina of Stegna, stretching from Mikoszewo to Jantar Lesniczowka to Jantar to Junoszyno to Stegna, features wide beaches and forests scented with pine resin and unique pine essence. Here you can find peace and quiet, you can relax but you can also find some interesting sites. Mikoszewo beaches, close to the Vistula outlet, hold the greatest amount of amber and Jantar every year hosts Amber Washing World Championship. In Stegna you can also listen to organ concerts held in the historic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The enthusiasts of regional and traditional cuisine will enjoy a wide array of dishes, in particular those made from the Baltic fish. You can find high level accommodation to suit every pocket. The gmina of Stegna is a place appealing to each age group; it is a place where the first affections are felt, friendships are made, and where the first love strikes. The magic of amber brings people together through its positive energy.

Żuławy Wiślane is an agricultural area, crossed by the ribbon-like rivers and channels. This is the place where you can admire historic arcade houses or Dutch farm houses, go canoeing or fishing. Nowhere else will you see so many interesting hydraulic structures, like Gdansk Head Lock, a swing rail bridge or Przekop Wisly (literally “the Vistula Dug-through”).